Non-Profit Organizations Connect with volunteers

Voluntrek knows that there are many non-profit organizations in Mexico that have programs that make a difference, but due to financial or human resources it is not always possible to execute them as planned. There are also many companies in Mexico and around the world that would like to support these great projects through volunteering and donations.

Voluntrek offers the opportunity to connect companies that want to volunteer, with local non-profit organizations that have projects that could benefit from helping hands.

Non-profit organizations benefit from receiving volunteers through Voluntrek:

  • They receive volunteers that can help increase production or complete specific projects.
  • Each group gives a cash or in kind donation to the non-profit.
  • Social interaction and exchange of goodwill with volunteers.
  • Voluntrek is in charge of the group during the volunteer activity through its bilingual trained coordinators.

If you are a non-profit organization in Mexico and would be interested in working with company´s volunteers in specific projects, please contact us at, we will be happy to provide you with more information.