Volunteer in Mexico

Voluntrek allows you to volunteer for a cause at the same time you explore and discover Mexico! Our Volunteer Programs provide:

Area   Starting Date Duration 

Our Volunteer Programs

Work with children teaching English
Help children from low income families learn a second language that will allow them to have more and better opportunities in life!
Summer Program! Train to Volunteer in Natural Disasters
Have you ever wanted to help whenever an earthquake or tsunami devastates a city? Do you love adventure, extreme activities and helping others? If your answer is yes, this Volunteer Program is for you.
Summer Program! Teach Theatre to Underprivileged Children
Volunteer teaching Theatre at a school´s Summer Program for children from low income families; put on a play, a musical or a puppet show!
Work with children teaching Physical Education and Safety
Help children from low income families create health and security awareness by teaching Physical Education and Safety; use the pool, sandbox, patio and early stimulation gym.
Teach Productivity Workshops to children from low income families
If you have knowledge and experience in any of the following subjects, this is your opportunity to share them and make a difference: Photo and Video, Cooking, Environment Conservation, Graphic Design...



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