Why Volunteer Benefits

Nowadays consumers expect corporations to participate in community engagement beyond just making financial contributions; that is why more and more companies are interested in providing volunteer and CSR activities for their employees throughout the year or during their meetings and incentives.

These are some of the benefits corporations encounter when providing volunteer opportunities for their staff:

Team building

Employees work together in a different environment towards a common goal.

Community engagement

75% of employees want to get involved in their company´s cause related efforts through volunteering; they want to feel they are part of their company´s programs and are willing to participate in hands on activities to support the community.

Skill development and leadership

Working as a team to address community issues encourages communication skills, adaptability, problem solving and other important abilities.

Improved public reputation

85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.

Loyalty and retention

Employees that are involved in the cause supported by the company are 28% more likely to be proud of their company´s values and 36% more likely to feel a strong sense of loyalty than those who are not involved

Employee recruitment

62% of young professionals prefer to work for a company that provides opportunities for them to apply their skills to benefit a non-profit organization.

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