CSR Activities Volunteer!

Reforestation in Riviera Maya

Area of interest: Environment

CSR Activity Details

Riviera Maya (around 70 minutes away from Cancun's Hotel Zone)


Days and Time Available:
Monday to Friday
7:30 am to 2:00 pm

Suggested Time:
2.5 hrs. (plus transfer times to get to and from the non-profit)

This non-profit supports Riviera Maya with reforesting schools with local flora. They run a forest nursery where the group will plant seeds to later be transported to schools for planting. Participants will help in one or several of the following activities: planting, watering, weeding, preparing soil bags, clipping plants among other activities.

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival. Introduction to non-profit and activity. Break into teams to work in the assigned activity.
90 mins: Teams work with staff from the forest nursery preparing soil bags, planting, cutting, watering, etc.
30 mins: Teams wash up and prepare for departure

Why Memorable?:
Participants feel the joy of working physically in a beautiful nursery setting - working together to help beautify schools.
The donation provided by Voluntrek helps to maintain required staffing and operational costs of the forest nursery.

Included Items:
Donation to non-profit, CSR activity program, Voluntrek bilingual coordinators, water, activity prep and coordination.