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Beach Cleaning

Area of interest: Environment

CSR Activity Details

Between Puerto Aventuras and Sian Kaan (40-50 min. away from Playa del Carmen)

50-400 participants

Days and Time Available:
Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 am
Available from April-November, except September.
**This activity needs to be booked at least 30 business days in advance.

Suggested Time:
1.5 to 3 hrs. plus transportation time

This non-profit patrols beaches from Puerto Aventuras to Sian Kaan (140 km) under their Turtle Conservation Program. Many of the beaches they patrol have little or no access to the public and the ocean's currents bring all type of trash into the beach. Not regularly cleaned, debris often fills a full garbage bag in an area as small as 2 m². This project has the double benefit of protecting turtles nesting and hatchlings heading to sea, as well as removing some of humans' most harmful waste products from these shores.
This Beach Cleaning activity is part of the Turtle Conservation Program, the beach participants clean non- touristic beaches, specifically beaches that sea turtles use to nest. When the beaches are not clean the turtles get caught in the garbage from fishing nets to electronics to appliances like refrigerators. When baby sea turtles get caught in the garbage, they never make it out to the sea, so the importance of the cleaning these beaches is paramount and a very valued service.

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival, brief introduction and put the teams together.
80 min: Beach cleaning in teams.
10 min: Thank you and farewell

Included Items:
Donation to non-profit, CSR activity program, Voluntrek bilingual coordinators, water, activity prep and coordination.

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