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Build a Home or Schoolroom

Area of interest: Painting and Maintenance

CSR Activity Details

Estado de Mexico, Queretaro, Puebla, Hidalgo

Building a home: 15 to 30 participants per home
Building a schoolroom: 15 to 40 participants per schoolroom
If you would like for more people to participate in this activity it would be necessary to donate more than one home or schoolroom, or divide the group so that they can participate in teams of 30-40 people during different hours or days.

Days and Time Available:
Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Suggested Time:
3 to 20 hours plus transfer times

Working as a team, participants will build a schoolroom or a home for an underprivileged family.
The construction is completed in three days using prefabricated wall panels that are later plastered with cement. In the hands of our coordinators and with no need of previous construction experience, participants will be involved in the different construction stages in order to build the house or schoolroom from beginning to end, working hand in hand with the beneficiaries.

The group can be involved in the construction during these three days either with the same participants or bringing in different participants each day.

It is also possible to participate just for a couple of hours one day, choosing the construction stage in which they want to be involved. In these cases, the non-profit will finish up the construction with the support of volunteers.

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival, non-profit introduction and instructions regarding the activities to perform
60-180 min: Construction starts
60-120 min: Lunch with the beneficiaries and break
60-120 min: Construction resumes
15 min: Clean up
15 min: Closing ceremony and acknowledgments
*The home or schoolroom is handed over to the beneficiaries on the third day.

Why Memorable?:
It allows its beneficiaries to live in better, healthier and more dignified conditions. It promotes volunteering as an integral part of its mission; while participating in this activity volunteers discover the amazing experience of helping those in need, and in only three days they can see the results of their effort.

Included Items:
Home or schoolroom donation, construction tools and materials, Voluntrek's bilingual coordinators, water, activity prep and coordination.

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