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Area of interest: Environment

CSR Activity Details

Estado de Mexico, Morelia, Jalisco, Queretaro, Guanajuato, and Monterrey

40 to 120 participants

Days and Time Available:
Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Seasonal activity, available only from June to September.

Suggested Time:
3-4 hours plus transfer time

Your group can adopt a woody region that has been affected by human actions, supporting its reforestation. Additionally, this activity inspires and brings the team together through their participation in a common goal, taking actions to improve the environment. Participants will reforest the area by planting trees or plants, according to the region's needs, encouraging a sense of belonging and being in touch with nature.

When participating in this activity, the group is adopting the area, guaranteeing the following:

  • Forest maintenance: three year investment to increase the survival rate of their planting, generating temporary jobs in the communities the non-profit collaborates with during this period of time.
  • Social Projects: managerial skills are developed among the people from the community that are involved in this program, creating sustainable projects that will benefit the forest's and its inhabitants' future.

When participants finalize reforesting, they can enjoy a lunch prepared by the local community or a box lunch to be eaten on site or on the bus).

This activity is organized with la local non-profit seeking to secure the forests that Mexico needs for its development. It is an established non-profit that has been working towards environment preservation in Mexico for more than 10 years through programs in different cities.

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival, non-profit introduction and instructions regarding the activities to perform
30 min: Icebreaker and put teams together
120 min: Reforestation
30 min: Closing ceremony and acknowledgments
60 min: Lunch (prepared by the community or lunch box)

Why Memorable?:
Corporations' participation and commitment in projects towards environment preservation are essential to secure the forests and jungles that Mexico needs for its development. Additionally, it is a support and incentive for the communities to recover and manage its forests.

Included Items:
Trees for reforestation, tools and materials required for planting, water, portable restrooms, lunch at the community, ambulance, Voluntrek's bilingual coordinators, activity prep and coordination, maintenance of the reforested area for three years.

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