CSR Activities Volunteer!

Entertainment with Seniors

Area of interest: Social, Children, youth or elder

CSR Activity Details

Cancun (30 minutes away from the Hotel Zone)

30+: Groups over 30 are combined with other activities onsite:
seniors, children, youth, women, health, painting, maintenance, etc

Days and Time Available:
Monday to Saturday
From 9 am to 5 pm

Suggested Time:
2 hours (plus transfer times to get to and from the non-profit)

Seniors are customarily housed and cared for by their families in the Mexican culture, yet there are seniors with no family. This lovely residence is sponsored and maintained by local nuns. Our activity takes place in their open air palapa in the gardens, where participants dance, sing, play board games, talk or share their talents with seniors (i.e. singing, juggling, magic). We provide interpretation where needed: some of the seniors speak English or other languages.

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival and brief introduction; recommendations for working with seniors.
75 min: teams participate with the senior performing the activity of interest
15 min: clean up and departure

Why Memorable?:
Participants know they have brightened the day of a person who has no visitors. We offer entertainment, distraction and fun to seniors and support socialization, goodwill and good spirits. In-kind donations are helpful and can be coordinated by Voluntrek. The donations collected in the activities help pay the senior's health expenses and the maintenance of the home.

Included Items:
Donation to non-profit, CSR activity program, Voluntrek bilingual coordinators, water, activity prep and coordination.

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