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Social CSR Activities

Area of interest: Social, Education, Painting and maintenance, Other

CSR Activity Details

Cancun (30 minutes away from the Hotel Zone)


Days and Time Available:
Final schedule and days will depend on the activities the group chooses to participate in.

Suggested Time:
2-3 hours (plus transfer times to get to and from the non-profit)

This non-profit has several homes where they support different projects. The group would be divided into small groups of 10-25 people, and each group would volunteer on a different project.
These are some of the projects in which they could participate depending on the final date and time of the visit:

Monday to Saturday:

  • Entertainment with seniors: dance, sing, play board games, talk or share their talents
  • Painting: facades of the different homes are painted at least twice a year
  • Food and Clothes Bank: serve food, sort and stack the in kind donations that are received, sweep and clean, etc.
  • Gardening: mow the lawn, prune the trees, weeding, lime covering, etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: sweep, mop, clean windows.
  • Recreational activities and/or sports with youth at risk: play soccer or basketball with the youth, or organize other type of competitions or games.

Monday to Friday:
  • Underprivileged children: play games or sports, organize a rally or treasure hunt with them, help out with cleaning and maintenance at the school, plant with children at the vegetable garden, etc.
  • Pregnant women that have suffered violence or have no family: conferences or workshop with the women or play didactic games with their children that live with them.
  • Sort out donated medicines

Suggested Plan:
30 min: Arrival and brief introduction
75-135 min: each team performs its volunteer activity
15 min: clean up and departure

Included Items:
Donation to non-profit, CSR activity program, Voluntrek bilingual coordinators, water, activity prep and coordination.

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